Playground 5-18
Playground 5-18

Playground 5-18

The Playground

This is my artist’s statement — it’s how I work

I love the artist’s statement, “Blah blah blah blahblah blah blah…” I wish I knew who to credit for it — maybe it’s just an artist’s urban legend. I’m opting here for Show & Tell. To know me, see how I work. I ask “what if” and then find out. So I’m full of questions? So was the ‘satiable Elephant’s Child. Endearing, yes?


See also my former artist’s statement, The Pungent Futility of the Artist’s Statement

Dover Silhouettes


I’m not sure why this landed in the Playground rather than in an art collection of it’s own. My suspicion is because it began with such plain old things. Silhouettes. On color. Not very slam-bam in scope.


I’ve used Dover Publications for years, first as books of a blinding array of clipart, more recently as computer disks to download from. They are a bounteous source.  I buy them in dribs and drabs. They make me rich.


I come back to them again and again, the silhouettes most often. For years I’ve loved playing with what happens when you use a shape as a cookie cutter and try calico, try gingerbread, try a treatise on moose.


Here are a few.

[everest_gallery alias=”Dover”]

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