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About – Work

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About this New Work

This new work, like my work before, consists of pieces baked into whole artworks.  Magazine and book images that I owned, photographs I took, glass objects from Pier One and antique stores, rocks with faces…


My interest is in how pieces combine. We diagram a sentence to reveal the grammatical structure. Nouns, verbs, phrases. Each owns a niche. This isn’t possible in the far more complex field of visuals.  Total dimensions size, the relative size of elements, media, how paint and charcoal may mix (or graphite and pastels), color, impprtance of chiaroscuro or vagueness, angularity, brio.  As endless as visual experience can be.

I want to show you also something I’ve just noticed this year. My style of mixing images changes as the source of those images changes. I assume the same image sources would solicit a different interpretation in another artist’s mind.


It breaks down into categories that I can name (Abstraction, Storyform, Landscape…) so I’ll show you images in batches that make sense under a more descriptive label than just “mine”.




My new rules for artwork are:


  • That absolutely every image is valid to use. If it has notes to myself scrawled across it, if it has a footprint. However the scrawl or footprint has to be accommodated in the final composition. Used, just like the image itself.
  •   If I notice myself relying on old habits I try to shake things up.
  •   If I commit a finger-fault that changes the path my art is taking, I stay with it and see where it goes. Usually it leads me to an interesting elsewhere.
  •  This last rule is uniquely digital but I’ll keep the practice if I move to paint or hammer and wood.





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