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About – Why

About – Why

Why this site, why now?

042920 11e, Red Somewheres

A few weeks ago I heard the unmistakable sound of chainsaws and I was angry. Why, when so many people are about to die, are you cutting down a living thing? You yourself may be equally aghast that I am choosing this same moment to debut a website.


Like most animal life, I have a fear of death. The eagle carrying an ibex from its crag as much as the ibex now swaying above giddy canyons. I’m clear that if I contract covid-19 my odds of surviving are dim indeed.


So, urgency. Because I lost five years to an undiagnosed illness and the two ensuing years to the tragicomic tale of getting this site written. Urgency.


It’s nearly done. It isn’t done.


In those same two years I’ve made thousands of digital artworks. My audience can be counted on ten fingers, with a few left to snap. Goddam I want the satisfaction of having this work seen while I’m still alive to enjoy it.


I ask something of you. Will you please follow me  (button lower right edge) for four weeks?  By then you’ll know whether my project interests you. One or two weeks won’t cover enough ground. If you don’t connect you can unfollow me in Week Five. But please give me the chance.


So here’s an incompletely realized site. You’re looking through a hole in the plywood at the orange extension cords, the windows waiting to be installed. Some things are screwy, some aren’t there yet. But my art needs out into the real world now.





See new artwork every Monday






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