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About – Site

About – Site

;041320 11. Older of my graphics plus the installation Castaneda (cast aluminum bowl, crow decoy, red and green lights on bright red table)

About this Site

This site is an experiment. Instead of a traditional artist’s site devoted solely to my art, I figure I’m me and all the things that interest me relate to what I do in art.


Ergo –

  • My hobby is keeping up with science. Expect science.
  • A blog is actually a recognized art form. I’ll play with its blogging software, plugins, etc.
  • Unusual vocabulary terms delight me.
  • Politics anguish me. I’ll comment on them.
  • The logical ins and outs of D-ness (2D3D4D) are never far from my mind.
  • And if I think something is funny, notable, damned clever?  You’ll find it in the blog.


You will get every velvet glove and sharp elbow of me.

Welcome to my site. Come right on in!







See new art every Monday.


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