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About – Organization

About – Organization

Organization of this Site

050420-21, Ramifications

Created will take you to the work I do when creativity takes over. I’m not thinking things through, I’m asking my gut. And getting answers. This can happen both with visuals and words.


Reasoned leads to my blog. I think about things, I argue with ideas and with myself, I report and examine.  I applaud. Visuals are used as illustration, as decoration, but the blog is mostly words.


The Playground serves as an ongoing answer to society’s thirst for an artist’s statement. It will change often and reflect the delight I take in trying new equipment, apps and art gambits.


Past Work is my old website ported into WordPress. It includes some of what I was fascinated with in former times.


Categories and Tags are currently in abject disarray and will improve by the time this raw website plumps out in rosy good health.


About includes Why this site, why now?; About the site; About this New Work; About the Artist — written and artwork; Site Organization.


Links (when they appear) will lead you to collections of images I’ve made on Pinterest and elsewhere. Public Domain sources I like. Mac software I’ve found useful. A goodie basket kind of place.

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